Handwriting, speech, motor planning all have a correlation to physical strength and muscular endurance. Whether it’s diaphragm control, grip strength, or the aerobic capacity needed to keep up during recess, strength and conditioning can play a vital role in allowing your child to receive the most benefit from his or her efforts.




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When our son started working with Jorge we hoped that one day he would be able to walk independently.  Now, our son not only walks independently but he is also able to swim, ride a bicycle, balance and paddle a paddle board, and even snow ski.  His balance and core strength are greatly improved and this has resulted in great improvements in his motor function and overall development.  Undoubtedly, our son’s improvement is due in large part to Jorge’s hard work and dedication.  Of course, none of these achievements happened overnight but instead are a result of Jorge’s and our long-term commitment.  In short, Coach Jorge Navarro has an amazing ability to motivate children and help them reach their very best.  We are thankful to Jorge for all that he has done for our son and our family.


Proud Dad

My little man has always been a bit hyper in the movement department, yet i was told he had hypotonia or low muscle tone.  On a recommendation from a fellow parent, i was given Coach Jorge’s information.   What a blessing it to now be working with him.  Over the last 3 years, my son has grown not only stronger, but more confident in his body. He has learned movement skills that were always very tough for him.  It was most evident right before i wrote this while visiting a park near us for him to just free play.  His only interaction with kids at a playground was typically observing from a distance.  Now, he is strong and confident enough with his body to begin to socialize with the kids on the playground.  That is a huge confident booster for him and myself.  The other parents that i have met while working with Coach have nothing but great things to say about his work and his attitude.  Grateful for the opportunity to have him working with us now and into the future.


Nice wanted to learn to ride his bike, but lacked the skills and confidence to do so.  We tried to teach him, but we were not successful.  He was frustrated and his self-esteem was being affected at home and at school.  I contacted Coach Jorge to help Nico, and it was the best decision i have ever made.  After just the first class, Nico was at ease and excited about learning to ride his bike.  Coach Jorge was able to teach Nico the skills he needed to be successful.  In addition, he gave Nico the assurance to believe in himself and try.  I can’t thank Coach Jorge for giving my son the confidence to believe in himself.  He has been able to apply the skills he as learned in school while playing sports with his peers.  Nico no longer watches his peers play, he now joins them playing all types of sports he would have other side not participated in.


Nico's Mom

My daughter has always been a little scared to try new things.  She is a typical child in all other senses besides an inherent fear or lack of trust in her abilities.  A parent at her school mentioned that her special needs child had been working with Jorge and had made huge progress in lots of areas.  Most importantly, she said her child was now way more confident in their own body and that rang a bell with me.  Coach Jorge started coming to our house just a few months ago and the change is already noticeable.  He has a way of building trust with child that i could not when she was scared to try.  Funny thing, our whole household is now getting more movement and exercise based on a few key recommendation he has tailored for us.  Overall, the relationship has been a blessing.


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